Personnel Requisition & Authorization Form - Regular Position

Position Requirements

Hiring Supervisor: Office or Program:

Type of Opening: Position No.*:
*Include Position Number only if the request is for an existing and not new position.

Location: If Other, please describe:

Position Title (as shown on Organizational Chart if existing position):

If position title is not shown on Organizational Chart, list title here:

If position is not shown on Organizational Chart, and it is a vice president level position, have you received Board approval?*
*If answer is "No", you must receive Board approval before proceeding.

Is a signed letter of resignation (terminating employee, brief 2-line e-mail or note (job transfer), or College-initiated letter (non-renewal, involuntary termination, or reduction in force) on file in the Office of Human Resources?

If not, please explain:

Position Classification:

If in a part-time, non-temporary position, indicate number of hours worked per year:
and number of weeks worked per year:

Is this a grant funded position?

Description of Duties and Qualifications

The existing job description must be reviewed for update. Job descriptions are located under the HRJobs Descriptions folder on the T: Drive. If this is a new position, please create a position description based off of the template located in the Template sub folder underneath the HRJob Descriptions folder on the T: Drive. Send new or revised job descriptions to the Director of Human Resources.

The status of the job description is:

Annualized Cost of Salary and Benefits

Estimated Start Date: Hourly Wage or Salary*:

Based on Salary (if started mid-year):

*If the position is a regular faculty or regular staff position (non-coaching), the hourly wage, annual salary, or estimated benefits must be obtained from Human Resources.

Estimated Benefits Cost:


What options were considered and what are the potential consequence of not filling the position? What level of additional service and/or increased productivity will result if this position is authorized? Are there any other pertinent facts or additional data you believe would help justify this position?

Internal Posting Great Bend Tribune (BT Campus)
Manhattan Mercury & Daily Union (FR Campus) Workforce Center
Minority Mailings List All Users E-mail List

Please list additional advertising sources being requested beyond the standard sources listed above:

Chain-of-Command Approval

Hiring Supervisor (initiator), Director of Human Resources, Next Level(s) Manager(s) (if any), Applicable Member of President's Staff, and President who then forwards to Director of Human Resources.

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