Blue Team Form

Requestor: Date:

Service Type:
Key Needed (Identify room/building in comment section)

Employee Computer Account (E-mail and User Storage) Status (All Terminating Employees):
Note: Employees have two types of computer account storage-e-mail and user storage which is where Word, Excel and other documents are stored. User storage documents will automatically be saved when an employee terminates. What we need to know about is what you want done with the terminating employees e-mail storage. Please Check Only One Box.

Employee has no e-mail storage.
Employee has e-mail storage but information should be deleted.
Employees e-mail storage should be saved on network.

Involuntary Terminations Only:

Please check this box only if you want the employees e-mail and user storage information saved to permanent media and stored in the Office of Human Resources.

Web Editor Password Status (All Terminating Employees):
Employee was a Web Editor and Web Editor password does not need to be changed.
Employee was a Web Editor and Web Editor password does need to be chan

Type of request:

***Prior to implementation, feasibility and scheduling must be determined. IS and Facility Management departments must be contacted.


PLEASE FILL OUT BOTH OLD AND NEW EMPLOYEE INFORMATION - Note: Extensions must stay with the position

Old Employee Information:

Name: ID Number:

Title: Supervisor:
***as shown on organizational chart***

Department: Phone Extension:

Call handling instructions until replacement is hired: 
If Cover Calls is selected, to which phone extension?

Supervisor: If the departing employee works on Fort Riley, please remember to collect their access badge, nametag and Barton photo ID.

***If there are further instructions, please include in the Comments section below.

Office Number: Last Working Day:

Position Class and Codes:

New Employee Information:


Title: Supervisor:
***as shown on organizational chart***

Department: Phone Extension: Office Number:

Keys Needed:

Banner Access Needed:

Faculty Instructional Teaching Area(s):

Faculty Member will be Teaching Credit, Non-Credit or Both:

For part-time non-temporary hourly and part-time salaried positions (non-Adjunct Faculty), please enter the number of hours worked per year: 

Will this employee be a Faculty Load and Compensation user?

Will this employee be a Maxient software user?

Arrival Date for Services (Salaried Positions Only) (Unless there are extenuating circumstances, please allow at least 5 working days):

First Day at Work:

Position Class and Codes:

Describe phone routing, voice mail, or phone listing changes, changes in physical layout, additional equipment needed, desired time frame for completion, etc. in Comments section.



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